Kindergarten “Classic” is changing lives for the better! Every child gets the attention and care. We are taking the first social experience for the child the most favorable and fruitful.
The basis of the education of children consists of three components – education, art and sport, all this through games. Fully equipped groups will quietly give the education and upbringing of children, alternating with timely rest on our techniques and programs. During their stay, the children in our garden, we carefully look at the ability of children and develop them in accordance with the talents of the children, whether they are human, located in the exact sciences, sport or a creative path.
Great grounds to play and frolic will be equipped with the best russian manufacturer of playgrounds “Skif”. We pay special attention to sports, as children’s sports development is very important for health, we will construct two swimming pools – summer and winter, two gyms, big and small, have a separate football field with natural grass. Access to the pools, karate, gymnastics, chess, speech therapist, psychologist enters the amount of the payment. We will also build the salt room, as it is the prevention and treatment of asthma, pneumonia. Great help in dealing with chronic sinusitis, rhinitis and ENT diseases in general. Prevention of skin diseases, influenza, as well as diseases of the nervous system.
Food plays an important role in our system, all products are purchased exclusively in supermarkets and stores with license.
In conclusion, we want to assure parents that wish to start educating their children in harmony, comfort, care and professionalism that the best kindergarten “Classic” on all grounds meets these criteria.

Dear Parents!

We are glad to invite children in private kindergarten CLASSIC!

Kindergarten “CLASSIC” is open for children from 2,10 to 7 years, offers experienced and caring teachers and qualified professionals. Our focus is on kids early development of speech, physical, athletic and intellectual skills

Children are given 5 meals a day according to the mode of the day:
– breakfast
– second breakfast
– lunch
– snack
– dinner

Kindergarten is located in the beautiful and quiet area. We are placed in a separate building, with a large playgrounds, playrooms and bedrooms. We have:
– large seperate playgrounds
– large playrooms and bedrooms
– sports facility and a training hall
– sports field
– summer and winter pools
– salt room
– large acting hall

There are 6 groups in kindergarten:
– 2 Junior group “TODDLERS 1” – 3-4 years
– 2 Junior group “TODDLERS 2” – 3-4 years
– Average group “NURSERY” – 4-5 years
– Senior group “FOUNDATION 1” – 4-5 years
– Senior group “FOUNDATION 2” – 5-6 years
– Preparatory Group “RECEPTION” – 6-7 years

Kindergarten schedule:
Kindergarten “CLASSIC” runs from 08.00 to 18.00 hours, five days a week.
Childcare during working days from 18:00 to 19:00 free after 19:00 (but not later than 21:00) operates duty group, whose services will be included in value-added services.-