Kindergarten «CLASSIC» uses a method of language immersion, principles, methodics and knowledges that are gathered in Canada, Finland, Spain and other countries are introduced. In education we use most progressive programms and methodics (M.Montessori, Zaytseva, Peterson, Step by Step and others). Combining various methodics is very effective way of giving the information to children and the results don’t make themselve wait. Children learn very fast and remembers material for a long time.
In modern society majority of parents shows big interest into language immersion, which appeals as a key to success in multicultural society.
Language immersion is one of the most effective methods in bilingual education. Its advantages and power consists of systematical, methodologycal sequences and thought – out science works.
According to researches, which are held since 2001 and by Tallinn University assessment, kindergarten graduates who educated by programm of language immersion are:
– well prepared to school
– study well regardless of teaching language
– manage well with different life objectives of society, which appeals on of the main aspects in child development.


Education in kindergarten is implemented throughout next programms:

Junior preschool educational programm «Zerek baala» (3 to 5 years);
Senior preschool educational programm «Biz mektepke baramyz» (5 to 6 years);
Preschool educational programm (5 to 7 years).

The amount of lessons directly of main educational activity and elective courses doesn’t exceed permitted volume of weekly load for preschool age according to governmental educational standarts.
Lessons are held in mobile games with moderate intensivity.
Educators and their assistants hold physical culture minutes between lessons which lasts for 1,5 – 2 minutes.


1) Main educational lessons

Presented compulsory subjects are combined in 5 educational areas (subject groups): “Health”, “Communication”, “Knowledge”, “Creativity” and “Society”.
The content of educational areas: “Communication”
“Knowledge”, “Creativity” and “Society” realized in everyday life and through integration with other educational areas.

2) Elective courses

In kindergarten implemented two types of elective courses. They are:
Subject courses aimed at deepening and broadening of knowledge in mathematics and the development of logic “Mathematics + logic”;
English language courses «English Kids»;

In our kindergarten Kazakh language is included in the training program and conducted with children 1-3 times a week (depending on age group) by our teacher of the Kazakh language. Education Kazakh language also held by a special technique in a playful way.
Music classes are conducted with the music instructor 2 times a week (we learn songs and dances, develop hearing and voice data of children playing outdoor games with music).
In addition to basic daily activities, our kindergarten offers a wide range sections of interests. These types sections helps in the following areas:
reveal the child as a person, remove all complexes and
form a self-confident and harmoniously developed
develop creative and artistic abilities of the child with the child to adapt to a free and open communication of the child from an early age.


– «Think different (chess)»
– «Choreography»
– «Karate (boys)»
– «English Club»
– «Swimming»
– «Baby Yoga»