Petrovich Svetlana Nikolaevna


Why I’ve chosen the profession of educator? The answer is obvious: its my love to children and retaliatory love to me.

Shmid Yelena Borisovna


"Art of education has a feature that nearly all of it seems familiar and understandable business , and other - easy thing ... but very few have come to believe that in addition to patience, innate abilities and skills need more specialized knowledge . " K. D. Ushinsky .

Sydykova Dinara Maratovna


Love understand and feel a child, accept him the way he was born, shortly, repect childs right to be who he is.

Bokysheva Assel Aiypsabyrova


If we will teach a child to love, he will learn all that is good and bright.

Zhanabayeva Meruert Serikovna

Educator’s assistant

All professions from people and only three from God : a teacher, a judge and a physician . Socrates . If you can not do great things, do small things in a great way!

Promogaybo Yelena Pavlovna

Musical Instructor

Music - is perhaps the only universal language that needs no translation . He says the soul.

Beysenbayeva Gaukhar Ablayevna


A child is able to love someone who loves him, and should be educated only with love.

Studneva Natalia Igorevna


Kids - are open books, and the filling directly depends on us. The most important thing is tio line up the "key" for each kid.

Sydykova Madina Maratovna


Every child has his own string somwhere in the innermost corner of his heart. That string sounds in its own way , I sould properly tune myself to that sounds, so that my voice could be heard.

Koshkina Veronica Yuryevna


Dance is the only kind of art, where we appear as an instrument.

Mombekova Sholpan Yerbosynovna

Medical worker

My attitude to the health of children is particularly because children’s health - a healthy future!

Van Marina Georgiyevna

Speech Therapist

Clarity - the main advantage of speech.

Svetlana Valerievna


As a children’s psychologist I am interested in their personality, what influences to its form development. How to help children socialize and self realize.

Aubakirov Malik


Everyone knows how to raise and educate children, except those who have them.